Feed the Birds!!!

Ducks on Ice
The Best Show in Town - Ducks on Ice

With the currrent arctic conditions covering all of western Europe down to the Aquitaine, I’m reminded that birds need feeding more than ever – they burn off a lot of energy just keeping warm.

For the past few days the cold temperatures have been made worse for our feathered friends by a layer of snow, which has covered ground food sources.

We have a couple of bird tables – one on the ground, one wedged up an appple tree – plus fat ball and sunflower feeders near the terraces which we can watch from the living/dining room.  Recently we have been filling them daily – look at the video below and you’ll see why!

Leftover Xmas cake and Xmas pudding and all sorts of dried fruit plus bacon rind and other kitchen scraps have also been going down well, and we have been rewarded by the constant coming and going of robins, blackbirds, finches, tits and thrushes.  The ducks have also supplemented their usual cereal diet with extra bread, with the occasional croissant and pain au chocolat leftover from breakfasts.

The list of garden birds that we’ve seen in our garden in Normandy continues to grow – we’ve hit 45 different birds spotted to date.  To keep track I’ve made a page on our website with details of positive identifications to date.


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