Brocantes – antiques and bric-à-brac in Normandy

Some Broacantes near Alençon
Some Brocantes near Alençon

Just some of the dozens of antiques and secondhand shops around Alençon in Lower Normandy – click on the map to enlarge it.  If you plan on making a special trip to a particular brocante, I would suggest you ring ahead to check opening hours as these are often irregular.

The range of stuff you’ll find in places calling themselves “brocantes” varies enormously – some are little more than scrapyards, some have a lot of repro furnitue and knick-knacks, others are more like very expensive antique dealers, but most are in between the three.  You’ll find a lot of overpriced rubbish but now and then you can turn up a bargain, if you’re lucky!

Among the things we have personally bought from brocantes have been a kitchen dresser, a mahogany china display cabinet and a number of antique light fittings. The dresser and china cabinet needed a lot of work as they were in a very distressed state, but in the end they were worth it (though if you cost in the hours we spent restoring them, it may have been cheaper to buy from Sotheby’s).

  • 1. Ballanger Catherine
    103 Grande Rue
    61000 ALENCON
    02 33 32 16 60
  • 2. Dolo Annie
    142 av Quakenbrück
    61000 ALENCON
    02 33 27 79 50
  • 3. Chauvin Françoise
    r Moulin à Vent
    02 33 82 96 44
  • 4/5. Au Temps Passé (SARL)
    21 r Paul Bert
    72600 MAMERS
    02 43 97 61 29
  • 6/7. Julienne André/Racine José
    La Gare
    61250 LONRAI
    02 33 26 40 49
  • 8. Lunel Annie
    48 r Gare
    02 43 97 50 40
  • 9. HUVE Philippe
    lieu-dit Bonnet
    02 33 27 36 31
  • 10. La Maison d’Horbé
    La Grande Place
    61360 PERRIÈRE
    02 33 73 18 41

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