D-Day 65 Anniversary Fireworks


Remains of Winston Harbour, Arromanches
Remains of Winston Harbour, Arromanches

Sixty-five years have passed since D-Day, the enormous and unprecedented military operation that began France’s Liberation from Nazi rule. For generations of local people, memories of those Landings and the ensuing 80-day Normandy Campaign remain as vivid as ever, such was the tumult and turmoil, as witnessed by the many museums, monuments and stèles throughout the region, from the Landing Beaches on the coast to the location of the decisive final action of the Battle Of Normandy near Falaise, now marked by the Montormel-Coudehard Memorial and Museum.

To mark the 65th anniversary of the D-Day Landings, the organisation “Normandie Mémoire” has planned 25 simultaneous firework displays that will take place along a 50-mile stretch of Normandy coastline. This spectacular tribute will stretch all the way from Ste Marie du Mont to Merville-Franceville. “Normandie Mémoire” says the firework displays illuminating the skies will be Normandy’s way of saying “THANK YOU” to Allied Forces who contributed to the Liberation of Normandy and France.

Additional entertainment will be laid on at each of the firework display venues.

For a self-guided tour of the principal sites on the coast, see here: Normandy D-Day Sites – a DIY Tour Guide

For further details of events to commemorate the 65th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings, see here: 65th Anniversary of the D-Day Landings Schedule of Events

3 thoughts on “D-Day 65 Anniversary Fireworks

  1. My husband and two co workers from the Victoria Police Department (Victoria BC), are currently in the area of Arromanches for the D Day ceremony. They also travelled to Holland to pay honour to a member of the police dept. that died while serving his country in WWI. The European countries have continued to recognize the sacrifices that those young boys and men made in those two wars. We all need to keep reminding current and future generations of this, so their courage is never forgotten.

  2. I will again be in Normandy for this wonderful celebration. The last of my 3 “D-Day Uncles”, Harry F. Green died this past January only 2 day’s before his 93rd birthday. I hope that the trio will be watching this fireworks display with all their comrades seeing the thanks that the people of Normandie honor them with. We can not forget our “Greatest Generation”.


  3. Hi Les

    If you go to this new page
    you’ll see the events that I mention here: http://tiny.cc/lS4v9.

    I hope that helps.


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