Crême de Mûres Recipe

Crême de Mûres or Crême de Cassis Recipe

Creme de Cassis
Creme de Cassis

Blackberries grow in abundance in local hedgerows – we pick them in late summer/early autumn and use them for jams, crumbles and for making home-made crême de mûres, similar to crême de cassis. It is often used to make kir (an aperitif where it is mixed with chilled, dry white wine) or kir royale (mixed with dry champagne, crémant or other bubbly).

Here’s a simple recipe for this delicious home-made liqueur. In place of blackberries (mûres) you could use blackcurrants (cassis), blueberries (myrtilles) or raspberries (framboises).





1 kilo blackberries (or blackcurrants, raspberries or myrtilles)
2 litres decent, medium-bodied red wine


1. Wash fruit and mash in a blender.
2. Add red wine and leave it to macerate in a covered bowl for 48 hours in a cool place.
3. Strain the mixture through a muslin cloth.
4. Weigh the juice and add an equal weight of sugar.
5. Bring the mixture to the boil in a pan and leave to boil for 5 minutes.
6. Allow to cool to about 40 degrees (tepid) then strain again (if necessary) and bottle.

The crême de mûres (or cassis, or myrtilles) is ready to drink after a couple of weeks, keeps indefinitely.

NB This is a low/no alcohol recipe; if you want to make an alcoholic version add 20cl of pure eau-de-vie (70°-90° ABV) per 70cl of liquid before bottling.

5 thoughts on “Crême de Mûres Recipe

  1. I loved this recipe, however, I know that cooking fruit yields a cooked fruit taste. I’m interest in seeing how not cooking might effect the flavour. I’d be happy just to stir the sugar until it dissolves. Do I need to boil it? Does the cooking step serve to help preserve it?

  2. Thank you very much for the Récipe, it sounds simple yet delicious… Although I have to ask, wouldn’t boiling the wine mix kill a great percentage off the alcohol volumen? What would be the final level be?

    1. Hello Dan. Yes, this is a low/no alcohol recipe. If you want to add the alcohol back in, add half a glass of eau-de-vie per bottle to the final mixture just before bottling. Hope that helps!


  3. I thought this was incredibly sweet.
    If I made it again, though to be honest i am not tempted , I would reduce the the sugar. I ended up adding 5 lbs of sugar as I had 5 and a bit pounds of juice.
    It is very nice with ice cream… but 3.5 litres of ice cream sauce!

    1. Well, it is a sweet liqueur – you’re just supposed to add a little to a glass of wine or champagne. But you can always adjust the recipe if it isn’t to taste.

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