Private Medal Ceremonies for 2WW Normandy Veterans


As part of the commemorations for the 65th Anniversary of the D-Day Normandy Landings, there will be individual medal giving ceremonies for Allied Forces Veterans of D-Day in 2009. Veterans are invited to choose the particular town in Normandy where they would like to receive the medal and to contact the Mairie (mayoral office) of the town concerned in order to arrange the ceremony.

These ceremonies are not closed to the public – anyone is welcome to attend the ceremony for the veterans concerned. Veterans and their families are just beginning to contact the mairies and there is not a simple list of the different ceremonies. Anyone not directly involved but wanting to attend to one of them is advised by “Normandie Mémoire” – the organising association – to contact the mairie of any towns they are planning to visit, and ask them whether there are any medal ceremonies planned. But you would better wait until May, as many of these “private” ceremonies may not be arranged yet.

There are also to be two public/official medal ceremonies where commemorative medals will be presented to Veterans attending with the NVA (Normandy Veterans Association):

  • June the 5th at Collevilles-Montgomery (parade at 10.30am, medal presentation to Veterans at 11.30am)
  • June the 6th at Arromanches (medal presentation at 16h00, followed by closing parade of NVA at 18h00).

The full list of events and ceremonies is on the D-Day Events 2009 page.

Anyone wanting to find a particular Maire (mayor) or Mairie (Mayor’s office – like a town hall) can use the search engine on the following site to obtain contact details:

Type the name of the town or village into the search box.

1 thought on “Private Medal Ceremonies for 2WW Normandy Veterans

  1. D-Day 65th anniversary – funding for servicemen who saw actions in any theatres during WWII.

    The Big Lottery fund has set up a number for veterans to call. The number is 0845 00 00 121 and is called ‘Heroes return hotline’.

    It is open Saturday & Sunday: 9am-5pm and Monday to Friday: 8am-7pm.

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