Appeal to Help British Veterans Visit Normandy

Help British Veterans Return to Normandy Beaches 2009

2009 will be the last chance for many British War Veterans to attend the commemoration ceremonies for those who fell in the Battle for Normandy, 65 years ago this year.

At time of writing, the British Government has no plans for ministers or the Royal Family to attend and has refused financial assistance to veterans.

The Ministry of Defence has rejected requests for financial aid to survivors and says there will be no further official commemoration of D-Day until its centenary – when all those involved will be dead.  This is on the grounds that the MoD supports official events only for 25th, 50th, 60th and 100th anniversaries.

In contrast, the American, Canadian, French and German governments are sending representatives to the 65th D-Day anniversary ceremonies.

The Normandy Veterans’ Association (which will probably disband this year as most of the remaining members are too frail to support events) approached the MoD for help last year, but was told no money was available.  Plans have also been blocked  for an official service of remembrance and thanksgiving at Westminster Abbey this summer.

A public appeal has been launched to assist British Veterans and their carers (many cannot get around unaided) to visit Normandy for the 65th Anniversary.

The total sum needed is £500,000 – a small amount to show appreciation for the sacrifices made on our behalf.  Please make a small donation to help raise the amount needed.


Donations go directly to the NVA (Normandy Veterans Association) to help veterans and their carers attend D-Day ceremonies in Normandy 2009.

Cheques should be made payable to “Overlord” and sent to:

NVA Appeal

PO Box 5002

Department CHP



GU34 9BZ

Alternatively, donations can be made at any branch of HSBC or using telephone or Internet banking services; make payments to the “Overlord” campaign account number 91271628, sort code 40-14-21

1 thought on “Appeal to Help British Veterans Visit Normandy

  1. D-Day 65th anniversary – funding for servicemen who saw actions in any theatres during WWII.

    The Big Lottery fund has set up a number for veterans to call. The number is 0845 00 00 121 and is called ‘Heroes return hotline’.

    It is open Saturday & Sunday: 9am-5pm and Monday to Friday: 8am-7pm.

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