Soupe Angevine – Angers “Oranges and Lemons” Cocktail

soupe_angevineThe days are getting warmer, the sun is shining and thoughts are turning to outdoor entertaining and barbecues. This easy-to-prepare cocktail always goes down well for aperos – like an x-rated homemade lemonade. Beware, as the fresh, zingy taste hides a real kick!

The name “Soupe Angevine” literally means “Angers Soup”, Angers being the chef-lieu of Maine-et Loire, formerly part of the province of Anjou and now a department of the Pays de la Loire, and whose inhabitants are known as “angevins”.


– 1 bottle of fizzy white wine (e.g. a crémant or mousseux, no need to break the bank)
– 1 ladle* of lemon juice (preferably freshly squeezed)
– 1 ladle of sugar syrup (can be made by heating equal volume of sugar and water until the sugar dissolves – don’t overheat or it becomes caramel!)
– 1 ladle of orange liqueur (e.g. Cointreau or Grand Marnier)


Not a lot to it really: all of the ingredients should be chilled in the fridge and are then mixed together in a punch bowl or similar just before serving.

Dampen and dip rim of glass in sugar for those with a sweet tooth. Serve with a slice or twist of lemon.



* Regular kitchen ladle = about 6 fluid ounces, but a bit more or less doesn’t make too much difference.

2 thoughts on “Soupe Angevine – Angers “Oranges and Lemons” Cocktail

  1. Ummm, how big is a “ladle”?

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