Normandy – Loire Gardens to Visit #1 – Jardin d’Atmosphère du Petit-Bordeaux

Jardin d’Atmosphère du Petit-Bordeaux, Pays de la Loire (Sarthe)

Yesterday (Friday 24th April) we re-visited one of our favourite gardens in all of France, at St-Biez-en-Belin just south of Le Mans. The “Jardin d’Atmosphère” covers 4 acres and won first prize in the 2007 ‘Top des Parcs’ competition judged by garden experts and garden journalists; it is also designated a ‘Garden of Note’ by the Ministry of Culture and is owned and maintained by its owners, a perfectly charming couple who you will like as not find working in the garden as you go around and, as you might guess, are ever keen to chat about plants and gardening.

It’s very much in the English style and is packed with plants at every turn. The last time we visited in early autumn the garden was vibrant with hemerocallis (day lilies) of every imaginable colour, whereas this time the hostas were looking superb in every shade of green and yellow, and the azaleas and rhododendrons were bursting forth in a dazzling display. In the water garden the water lilies were, like our own, just breaking the surface but it’s still too early for flowers.

There is something new to see there every week, with never a dull season. This year we treated ourselves to a season ticket so that we can revisit as many times as we like – can hardly wait for the next opportunity!

There’s also a super little spot for a picnic down by the stream at the old lavoir of St-Biez-en-Bélin – take the little road opposite the bar in the village centre, signposted “aire de repos”. It’s about a kilometre down the road.


The garden is open 1 April to 15 November, every day except Tuesday, 10.00h to 12.30h and 14.00h to 19.00h.

Jardin d’Atmosphère du Petit-Bordeaux, Pays de la Loire (Sarthe) website:

We’ll be adding more gardens during the year, so keep reading! In the meantime, there’s a summary of the gardens near us on our B&B website Gardens of Lower Normandy and Upper Pays de la Loire.

All gardens are within easy reach of our bed and breakfast accommodation

Access to the garden from the B&B:

Like to visit gardens? Also see Gardens to Visit #2 – Jardins de la Mansonière, St Céneri-le-Gerei

2 thoughts on “Normandy – Loire Gardens to Visit #1 – Jardin d’Atmosphère du Petit-Bordeaux

  1. Thank you for this! Another garden added to the custom tour. 😉

    1. I hope you enjoy it as much as we do – don’t forget to add the B&B to your custom tour – our garden is pretty amazing, too!

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