Country Sports Fair at Château de Carrouges, Orne, Normandy

Fête de la Chasse et de la Pêche

Fête de la Chasse et de la Pêche, Carrouges
Fête de la Chasse et de la Pêche, Carrouges

This weekend sees the annual summer fair at Château de Carrouges.  Themed around horseback hunting and fishing, the “Fête de la Chasse et de la Pêche” attracts over 75,000 visitors to Carrouges each year.

The entry ticket includes a tour of the château interior – the Château de Carrouges is always worth a visit and is open all year round apart from Xmas Day. See separate posts Château de Carrouges for details of visits at other times of year.

The fair is spread over 30 hectares in the grounds of this magnificent château, with shows and demonstrations on various topics such as dogs, horses, hunting horns, fishing, forestry, Normandy produce (cider, cheese, calvados etc.),  sheep dog trials taking place throughout the first weekend of August 5friday to Sunday).

Both official and friendly competitions and events take place during the weekend.  Lots of food ans snack stalls, bars, tastings etc. plus special temporary restaurants serving full menus from 15€ to 23€ for a “menu gastronomique”.


Adults 9€, up to 15 years old free.

Outline Programme for the Weekend Fair:

Friday 31 July 2009
From 10am: Visits to the Castle, produce stands and “villages”.

Saturday 1st August 2009
9 am: Start of competitions and events

14h30 to 18h30: many shows and demonstrations

Demonstrations of carriage driving and horsemanship from the world famous Haras du Pin, drag hunting, working dogs, falconry displays, hunting horn playing competitions … and much more


Sunday 2 August 2009
9 am: Start of competitions and events

Mass in celebration of SAINT-HUBERT

14h30 to 18h30: shows and demonstrations, see Saturday

20.30: Entertainment, music, dancing



Carrouges is about 30 minutes from our bed and breakfast, just to the the north-east of Alençon.


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