Manoir de Couesme, “Imaginary Garden” in Pays de la Loire/Normandy

Le Jardin Imaginaire, Manoir de Couesme

Today we visited the nearby Manoir de Couesme in the Pays de la Loire and viewed the FREE outdoor exhibition of sculptures, paintings and plastic arts on display in the grounds of the manor house.

The Manoir de Couesme, in the commune of Ancinnes on the border of Normandy and Pays de la Loire,  dates from the 15th century and is being beautifully restored by the current owners.  They hold regular art exhibitions there each September.

The exhibits in the current (2009) exhibition at the Manoir de Couesme are the creations of Emmanuel and Fabrice Perrin, inspired by the painting  “Jardin de Délices” (Garden of Delights) by Jérome Bosch (1503-04).  The original painting is a triptych depicting a sort of Garden of Eden with naked men and women boozing, gorging and cavorting with animals, insects and birds, Paradise mixed with Hell, where pleasure and pain are intertwined.


The result in the Manoir de Couesme 2009 exhibition is a fantastic, wonderful and often amusing view of the baser side of mankind, sexuality and excess.

The artworks on display are made in iron, wood, glass, ceramics, terracotta and paper – and they are all for sale.  If you want to make us a gift, then one of the STUNNING metalwork dragonflies – a bargain at 700€ – would be a welcome addition to the sculptures in our own garden and would look superb in our lake.

The exhibition runs until the end of September 2009 – if you are in the area, don’t miss it – we were taken aback by the wonderful, imaginative, bizarre, rude and amusing artworks on display.

Manoir de Couesme “Jardin Imaginaire 2009” Exhibition

Practical Information

Opening hours

Every day from 5th to 30th September 2009

Hours 10h00 to 18h00


Bar on site

Parking on site free

Souvenir and gift stall

Artwork for sale, individual items 15 euro to 3000 euro


The Manoir de Couesme is situated between Ancinnes and Bourg-le Roi in the Sarthe department, Pays de la Loire, France.

The Manoir de Couesme is 2 minutes (2km) from our B&B in Lower Normandy by car, or 20 minutes on foot.

The town is 20 minutes (20km) from our B&B in Lower Normandy

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