Gardens to Visit in Normandy (Orne & Eure)

Gardens to Visit in Lower Normandy

10 Best Gardens in South East Normandy

Click on the gardens to find more information on the individual garden to visit in Normandy.

All gardens selected are within easy reach of bed and breakfast accommodation.

Garden lovers can visit 2 or 3 of these gardens in one day.

5 thoughts on “Gardens to Visit in Normandy (Orne & Eure)

  1. Well, if you can get away from Ancinnes on the Journees du Patrimoine weekend, the Manoir des Perrignes is usually open both days, starting around 10. We won’t know for sure till the night before. As you know, local openings don’t appear on the national website so we have to check the local paper. The national website is supposed to be available today (finally!) but I can’t get to it.

    1. Thanks again – I’ll give them a ring as our local rags only feature what’s happening that same day or what already has happened last week!

      All the best


  2. Thank you for this list. I know you two really appreciate gardens, so I trust your recommendations. I’ve already put the garden in St Biez on our to-see list.

    I would like to suggest one to you, which is not at all grand, but charming and nicely suited to the wonderful 15-16c manor house. It’s in St Maurice sur Huisne, Le parc du manoir des Perrignes. “Britannique mixed borders, variété d’arbustes et de vivaces, jardin blanc et bassins de nénuphars . Visite libre et gratuite, 4/25-7/25 14h-18h. 02 33 73 77 33”–I forget where I got this info and it may well be out of date. There’s a sign on the gate to come in during certain afternoon hours throughout the summer. On the Journees du Patrimoine, the owner is there to talk to guests. She’s Scottish, so I could compliment her fluently. She says it’s at its best in June.

    Oh, I don’t see another nice one on your list–Manoir de Pontgirard in Monceaux au Perche. Usually there’s a charge, but last year it was free on the Journees du Patrimoine.

    I can’t vouch that these would make your top 10, but I know that you two can see these without driving too far.

    1. Many thanks for the tip – I’ve checked the map and it’s only 30 minutes away, so the Manoir des Perrignes is straight onto our ‘To See’ list. Unfortunately it seems to be open only from mid-April to mid-July so it’ll probably have to wait until next year. 😦

      It’s remarkable how there are still places to discover so close by!

      I know the Manoir de Pontgirard but when we visited it 3 weeks ago it was very scruffy and badly overgrown so I haven’t featured it here – but it is still on our general list :

      Manoir de Pontgirard, August 2010

      I took a few photos of the best bits but I’m not sure whether to feature it – like the Jardin François, it may be that it is only at its best at certain times of the year, despite having a long opening season. It is free this year – or at least it was when we visited early August.

      We’ll try it again in early season next year and see if it is better!

      Thank you again


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