Tour de France 2011 at Le Mans

Tour de France 2011: Stage 7

Departure Circuit Bugatti, Le Mans

Tour de France au Circuit Bugatti
Tour de France on Le Mans Circuit Bugatti

The Tour de France will follow part of the legendary 24 Hours Le Mans circuit in 2011.

On July 8th Le Mans will host the start of the 7th stage of Tour de France 2011. The race will start from the forecourt of the MMArena football stadium adjoining the 24 Hours circuit. The peleton will then take to the Bugatti circuit and head down the pit straight and through the Dunlop curves, before taking a section of the Mulsanne Straight to join the D92 road towards Chateauroux.

After the grand spectacle of the departure, the real start will occur 9.2 km out of Ruaudin. Riders will set off then towards Chateauroux.

The Tour will arrive at Le Mans on the evening of July 7 2011. Five hours work will be necessary to put in place the paraphernalia of this great show and the temporary village covering 4,000 m2 on the forecourt of MMArena. By dawn, the scene will be set. The first spectators are expected from 7 am, then the real crowd appearing from 8 am The publicity caravan will launch the show with a three hour parade from midday, punctuated by the passing of the race pack.

Le Mans Etape 7 du Tour 2011

Stage 7 Le Mans Tour 2011 - the Start

The riders will tour the Bugatti circuit, take a section of the Mulsanne Straight and then will head south east. The peleton will cover 9.4 km through the city before the actual start just outside Ruaudin on the D92 road.

The stage will pass through the towns of Changé and Parigné l’Eveque. The passage of the Tour de France route through a further 50 kilometres of the Sarthe department will be approved on December 14th 2010. After leaving the Sarthe, the riders head down through Indre-et-Loire to arrive at Chateauroux.

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