See Normandy in a Different Light!

“Pierres en Lumières”

(Normandy Treasures Lit by Night)

Here’s a chance to discover Lower Normandy under a very different light!

Since its inception in the Orne department of Normandy four years ago, the annual event of “Pierres et Lumières” has drawn bigger numbers of visitors each successive year.

Saturday 19th May 2012 from 8pm until 1am Sunday morning, in conjunction with the annual “Night of the Museums”, many villages, towns and individual property owners of Lower Normandy will be showing their buildings and architectural treasures off to the general public under artificial light.  All across the region there will be candlelit and torchlit walks, “son et lumière” events, nightime markets, concerts, park and garden visits.

The Manche department joined the Orne in this event in 2011 and now Calvados has also joined in, making it a huge event over all of Lower Normandy, south of the Seine.

For information on individual events in the Orne (our nearest town of Alençon is capital of this department of Lower Normandy) “Pierres en Lumières dans l’Orne” has a Page on Facebook:

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