Steam Train Rides in the Sarthe (Pays de la Loire)

Steam Train Rides in the Upper Sarthe

(Pays de la Loire)

For steam train enthusiasts, or those simply looking for something a little out of the ordinary to do, the Sarthe Steam Railway (run by Transvap, a group of amateurs who care for and restore the locomotives) is open for Sunday trips from this weekend and is just half an hour from us.

Corpet-Louvet 030T – “La Chéronne”

“La Ligne des Ducs” – the Line of the Dukes

The steam train “La Cheronne” dating from 1923 travels the length of the Jousse valley on part of the old railway line from Mamers  to Saint-Calais. It was originally funded by the lords of the region from which it gets the name “the Line of the Dukes.”  It is a nostalgic journey of 17km through the Perche countryside, the route from Connerré to Bonnétable passing through Beillé, Tuffé and Prévelles.

The Transvap group also has a collection of other steam trains undergoing restoration, historic electric railcars, pre-war buses adapted for rail use in the 1930’s, railway wagons and coaches.

As well as the steam train, post-war “Billard” and “Picasso” motorised railcars (“autorails) also run the route on Sundays.

The trains run every Sunday in July and August to a regular timetable and one ticket is valid for the whole day, which means you can hop on and off different trains at the station halts.  They also run on 14th July and 15th August (the summer national holidays).

Reservations not required: tickets are 11€ for adults, 9€ for children (2012).

Billard railcars

At Tuffé you can also visit the Tuffé Priory; the priory house, cloisters (hosting a pottery workshop), the pigeon house, the barn and gardens are free for self-guided visits (2€ guided visits).   Open Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays from 2:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m in July and August.

Train Timetable

1st Train : AUTORAIL

Station Arrive Depart
OUT Connerré Beillé – Transvap 10h30
Tuffé town 10h44 10h45
Tuffé lake 10h48 10h50
Prévelles 11h00 11h01
Bonnétable 11h21
9 minute halt
BACK Bonnétable 11h30
Prévelles 11h50 11h51
Tuffé lake 12h01

2 hour lunch

Tuffé town 14h03 14h04
Connerré Beillé – Transvap 14h18

2nd Train : AUTORAIL

Gare Arrive Depart
OUT Connerré Beillé – Transvap 11h45
Tuffé town 11h59 12h00
Tuffé lake 12h03
5 minute halt
BACK Tuffé lake 12h08
Tuffé town 12h11 12h12
Connerré Beillé – Transvap 12h26

3rd Train : STEAM

Gare Arrive Depart
OUT Connerré Beillé – Transvap 15h00
Tuffé town 15h24 15h25
Tuffé lake 15h29 15h35
Prévelles 15h52 15h54
Bonnétable 16h15
30 minute halt
BACK Bonnétable 16h45
Prévelles 17h09 17h15
Tuffé lake 17h27 18h00
Tuffé town 18h04 18h05
Connerré Beillé – Transvap 18h25

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