Black Saturday in France 2012

4 August 2012 – Black Saturday

As we come to the end of July, the crossover of the French July and August holidaymakers means millions of car drivers moving across the country over the next couple of weekends – either starting their holiday or returning home.

A week tomorrow – Saturday 4th August 2012 – is the only day of the year when traffic monitor Bison Futé issues its “Black Alert” meaning more than 600km of jams are forecast.  The national record of 842km of traffic jams was reported on Black Saturday August 4, 2007.

Other really busy days are designated RED (very heavy) or ORANGE (heavy).

Delays may start this afternoon, with an orange alert mostly on the main exit routes from big cities. Many drivers will attempt to travel overnight, but Bison Futé says congestion is possible at any time. Here are the main days when delays are expected:

France Orange, Red and Black Traffic Alerts
France Orange, Red and Black Traffic Alerts

Numbers indicate conditions that apply to particular regions – so tomorrow Saturday 28th July is a red alert for people leaving and returning in all regions, but a particular red alert for people returning to regions 4 and 5.

  1. Around Paris – Ile-de-France
  2. North and West
  3. Burgundy and East
  4. Rhone Alps and South East 4r Rhone valley
  5. South West

Check the Bison Futé site for traffic updates!

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