Le Mans 24 Hours 2013 Dates

Le Mans 24 Hours 2013:

Dates Announced

Le Mans 24 Hours 2013
Le Mans 24 Hours 2013

The 2013 Le Mans 24 Hours will take place on 22-23 June, a week later than initially scheduled.

The dates of the 2013 Le Mans 24 Hours, initially scheduled for 15-16 June, have been put back by a week at the request of the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) in order to “harmonize the world calendar of motor racing events”.

The test day will take place as usual two weeks before the race on Sunday 9th June 2013.

Scrutineering (technical and administrative checks) will be on Sunday 16th and Monday 17th June.

The race organisers, the Automobile Club de l’Ouest (ACO), announced the changes earlier this week. http://www.lemans.org/en/races/24h/update/date-change-for-the-2013-le-mans-24-hours-_8468.html

2013 will be the  90th anniversary of the world’s most famous endurance road race.

The event emerged from a meeting at the 1922 Paris Motor Show between a motor journalist, members of the ACO and a representative of the Rudge-Whitworth, a British manufacturer of bicycles, motorcycles and sports car wheels.

The first Le Mans 24 Hours took place the next year on 26-27 May 1923 and was dominated by French entries for several years, with only a smattering of foreign drivers.  As the decade went on then British entries and successes followed.

Since its inception, the only years the Le Mans 24 Hours has not been run were due to the Great Strike of the French Depression (1936) and the Second World War and its aftermath (1940-48).

The full calendar of the 2013 FIA World Endurance Championship, of which the Le Mans 24 Hours race is the blue riband event, will be announced in September 2012.

If you’re attending the event, do try to make some time for sightseeing in the beautiful Le Mans old town, or at least to visit the 24 Hours Museum next to the track entrance https://visitnormandy.wordpress.com/2011/05/16/le-mans-24-hours-museum/

Le Mans 24 Hours Museum

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  1. Seems like me ::) I just finish my stage de recuperation des points 4..done with the bureacracy lol!

  2. hahaha great shot main photo, it seems he is going the wrong way and bit faster lol!

    1. He probably reckons he can out pace the gendarmes 🙂

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