France Breathalyser Law

France Breathalyser Law – Final Decision, Sort Of!

The on-off breathalyser law is now officially ON – except that there’s no sanction for failure to have one and the Interior Minister thinks they are a waste of time!

“tout automobiliste est tenu de posséder un éthylotest à bord de son véhicule. Tout en maintenant cette obligation, le décret supprime la sanction qui devait s’appliquer, à compter du 1er mars 2013, en cas de défaut de possession de l’éthylotest.”

Announcing the decision, the Interior Minister Manuel Valls declared that as far as he is concerned, compulsory breathalysers would not be effective in combating drink-driving and that with the removal of the sanction, they are effectively no longer required.
Mais personne ne peut croire qu’on peut faire reculer ce chiffre en verbalisant les conducteurs d’une amende de 11 euros pour non-possession d’un éthylotest … pour moi, il n’y a pas d’éthylotest obligatoire, et encore moins de sanction.

He also announced that the government has decided to put back the speed camera warning signs that they took down last year; replacing them will take place over the next 2-3 years.

Perhaps this is part of government job creation scheme?

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