Manoir de Couesme

Manoir de Couesme

Manoir de Couesme
Manoir de Couesme

The Manoir de Couesme is a manor house on the outskirts of Ancinnes dating from the end of the 15th century.

Originally a feudal hall, it was converted into a Renaissance residence by Charles de Couesme, Captain of the Free Archers under King Francis I.  Towards the end of the 20th century the manor house fell into disrepair and was used as farm storage space until it was bought by Thierry Edward and Pierre Alleaume in 2003, since when the manor has been beautifully restored and the outbuildings converted for receptions and exhibitions.

The Manoir de Couesme is in walking distance of us, halfway between La Basse Cour and Bourg-le-Roi.

Art Exhibition “Hors Series”

Manoir de Couesme - Hors Series
Manoir de Couesme

Every September the manor house and its grounds host a month-long art exhibition by a featured artist. 2013 is the seventh exhibition and the artist is Edith Meusnier, whose works are made from a variety of everyday materials,  metal skeletons capable of being rearranged in different shapes or forms, decorated and brought alive by brightly coloured canvas, cloth, wire and ribbons stretched across the frameworks, and which may be attached to trees and buildings or free standing.

Based on our experience of previous exhibitions (we haven’t missed one yet) we can highly recommend a visit to the Manoir de Couesme this month. The exhibition, entitled “Hors Series”, opens this Saturday until the last weekend of the September, a rare opportunity to admire this delightful manor house and meet the owners.

To Visit the Manoir de Couesme

Hors Series is taking place from 7th to 29th September at the Manoir de Couesme, 5 minutes by car or a pleasant 20 minutes walk from La Basse Cour, on the road between Ancinnes and Bourg-le-Roi.  Entry free, open 10am to 6pm daily.

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