Les Jardins d’Angélique

Les Jardins d’Angélique

Montmain, Normandy

Just south and east of Rouen in the small town of Montmain are “les Jardins d’Angélique (Angelica’s Gardens) which we visited in early October 2014.

Les Jardins d’Angélique comprise two wonderful gardens situated in the Normandy countryside .  Originally created by Gloria and Yves Le Bellegard in memory of their daughter Angelica, the two separate gardens are very distinct in character.

South of the manor house is a formal garden with walkways and clipped hedges, Italianate in style with box-edged beds of perennials and ornamental grasses, punctuated by yew topiary and a central fountain.

To the north is a flowing “English-style”  garden, dreamy, romantic, with grassy paths winding between hundreds of  shrubs, plants and trees.

Yves loved roses and the garden contains over 2000 different varieties.  Since her husband’s death, Gloria has continued the task with the help of her daughter Clair.

Benches and seats are thoughtfully dotted throughout les Jardins d’Angélique.  I imagine it is beautiful at any time of year (the images in the slideshow are photos we took in October 2014, just before it closed for the season) but Gloria recommended we come back to visit the garden end of May/early June when the roses are in their first flush. Despite her protestations that it was past its best, we still loved this garden in October.

Opening hours

Open daily except Tuesday 1 may to 15 October, 10am – 7pm. Also Tuesdays in May and June – presumably because this is when the roses are in their first flush.


Route de Lyons

Tel : 02 35 79 08 12

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