Les Jardins du Montperthuis – Chemilly

General presentation of Montperthuis

Les Jardins du Montperthuis (Gardens of Montperthuis) were designed in 2010 by the landscape architect Philippe Dubreuil, who had bought for restoration a typical Percheron manor house consisting of a 15th-16th century house, farmhouse, barn, stables and pigsty, bakery, hemp oven and covered well.

We’ve visited these gardens twice – first in 2014 and again in 2018.  Parking is outside the grounds – a couple of spaces at the entrance and more down a small road at the side of the gardens.  Access to the house is on foot via a tree-lined avenue.

© Copyright Philippe Dubreuil

The Gardens

Montperthuis garden is arranged around and between the buildings.  Of particular note are the superb walled vegetable garden and conservatory orchard of old Percheron apple trees.  Near the vegetable garden are the Orangery, a rill and waterfall and an old hemp oven.  Other parts of the garden are also extremely well presented and dotted with sculptures in both classical stone and modern metal designs.  The rose garden with lovely pergolas has more than 300 varieties of old roses and there are grasses, a collection of ornamental cherry trees, oaks, linden trees, hawthorns, peonies and  hydrangeas.

This garden is still developing and had changed considerably between our visits as it grew and matured.

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Visits to Montperthuis Gardens

The gardens and nursery are open from 2pm to 6:00pm on Saturday and Sunday from the first week-end of June to the last weekend of September. Open for groups with a minimum of 20 persons by appointment.

Entry prices

Adults 5€

Children under 12 free


The garden is 25 minutes from La Basse Cour B&B

Les Jardins du Montperthuis
Manoir de la Pillardière
61360 Chemilly 

GPS : 48°21’23.0″N 0°25’49.1″E

Mobile : +33685303081

Website and more information


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